Word counter is a word count and character count tool that help you to wordcount your text!

Most of us at least once in the life time need exact and precise statistics about word count. Word counter gives you overview of your written text. We won’t talk about special professions in fields of which people need such statistics every day and surely they know where to obtain it. But in most other life cases free online word counter can become a great choice! For example students need it in their academic studies. Usually all such documents as research papers, essays, articles and many others need a particular amount of words, paragraphs, characters. In this case a word counting tool will be their savior.

With new trends and devices word counting became a part of our everyday life. How many words can you place at your internet blog page? Or in one Instagram post? Or in a comment at your favorite Youtube channel? Definitely free word counting tool +++ is a “must have” choice for you!

Word Count Tool is a handy instrument that helps you to count words in any text. Free Word Count Tool is a word counter that gives you most needed statistics about your text: number of words, number of characters, and number of characters without spaces.

With words count tool it takes to count number of characters less than a second.

As we already mentioned word calculation is really important in your writings.

You have no idea how many words are in already created text example? – Use word calculator!

You want to become a successful blogger? – Calculate your words as well! I guess you know that too short text cannot give a feeling of satisfaction to your readers, but too long article can scare them away.

Be aware all the time of words that you leave in Internet.

Word calculation definitely makes an impact at your writing productivity. Have your ever noticed how many times during a day we type? But as we know: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver”. This saying describes the best how we need to care of our words.

Word counting tool is surely useful for any internet users who write in blogs, forums, instagrams, twitters, etc.

What is considered to be a word in word counting tool?

Word is a smallest element of language with a meaning that is usually separated by spaces and punctuation marks. Word can contain different characters of written speech including emoji.

What is considered to be a character in online word-count?

Character is any printed or non-printed (space or gap) element. Usually itis a letter or any type of grapheme (by the way, a glyph is counted as one character). With word counter tool you can char count with spaces or without. Counting characters without spaces usually means counting letters.

What is a sentence in word counter online?

A sentence is a textual element that contains several or only one word and is logically ended.

What is a paragraph?

A paragraph consists of one of many sentences and has one common idea.

How can I count my words?

Copy, paste, type, load any text into the special area and you get an answer just in a second! No need to press anything additionally. As a result you will see how many characters and words you have in the text.

Is online word counter safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe. The information does not leave this page. We respect privacy of our users. We do not save information you paste into our word count tool at our website and do not pass it to any other sides.

Can I do character count in words?

Sure. Free words counting tool also provides you with any other information connected with words counting, letters counting and character counting in text.

How to find word count in word text?

You will never ask such question once you try our word count tool!

To sum up we should say: free online word count tool is a great, easy and quick character counter, word counter, text counter, word number counter. Online counter is always available. Everyone can count words onlineand does not need special knowledge to use word count software online. Free word count tool online is also a word checker. You can count words and check them at the same time.